Anastasia was born on April 15, 1966, coinciding with the birth date of the Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci. Raised in an Orthodox monastery, Anastasia received a rigorous, 18th-century style education. Private teachers instructed the young artist in an eclectic, advanced curriculum that included literature, poetry, music, singing, and philosophy, with an emphasis in painting and the restoration of antique icons.

At the early age of five, Anastasia began creating copies of Leonardo da Vinci's work. Like Leonardo, Anastasia is called "Monster of Art," due to her enormous talent, versatility, and transcendence of artistic limits.

After fifteen years in the monastery, Anastasia traveled Europe. Due to Italy's advanced techniques in art and architecture, she concentrated her study there. Anastasia received diplomas in architecture, painting, and sculpture, at the Academy of Art, St. Petersburg.

While her talent has taken Anastasia around the world, Italy captured her heart. In 1989, Anastasia opened a studio in Milan to create truly monumental art. Today, Anastasia has studios in Milan, Rome, and Miami Beach. In addition, she was the creator and owner of the Model Agency Club in Rome, an exclusive private nightclub for members only.

PRECIOUS PAINT: Influences and Techniques

Anastasia has invented a personal style that can only be called "genius." It combines the best techniques from the 13th through the 18th centuries, fusing European Gothic with the Renaissance. Gothic influences include Giotto, and Renaissance influences range from Botticelli, Michelangelo, and Leonardo, to the famous painters of Holland such as Hans Memling and Bruegel, to the world's first surrealist: Hieronymous Bosch.

An original painting by Anastasia is made on hardwood and painted with egg tempura on a background covered with 24-carat gold leaf. Actual diamonds and other precious stones are also incorporated throughout her work. The painting is protected with natural beeswax, which will preserve the paint and the original colors from water or light damage for a minimum of 2,000 years.

Like the old masters of art, Anastasia travels the world working on commissions for churches, royal dignitaries, and celebrities. Her impressive clientele has included the late King Hussein of Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, and even the Vatican. The maestra is also the Official Honorary Artist of the Knights of Malta.


The "Monster of Art" is currently working on several big projects. Celebrity Cruises has commissioned Anastasia to create paintings and sculpture for the most prestigious part of their fleet: three new ships in the "Millennium" class.

Also on the horizon is a monument for the late Gianni Versace: a golden bronze sculpture of Versace and a fountain named "Versace Forever." The location being considered for this monument is Ocean Drive on Miami's South Beach.

Most impressive is the spectacular "Miami 2000." This will be a 300-foot-high golden bronze monument incorporating fire, a water fountain, laser lights, and 2,000 white marble steps. An interior elevator will take visitors to the top of the monument, where they will experience a stunning, panoramic view of all Miami. This is Anastasia's most inspired concept: to raise the finest, most striking European-style monument ever built. The monument will be a giant step on Miami's road to becoming one of the world's most beautiful and artistic cities--the "Venice of America."


Her style and technique are like no other in the world. She expresses an incredible force of eclectic energy. A true Renaissance person, comparable with da Vinci, Anastasia is in total harmony with herself. The genius of her painting and sculpture have attracted major collectors, but she is also a talented philosopher, poet, photographer, fashion designer (for Anastasia Couture), interior designer, pianist, and singer. Anastasia constantly grows and progresses with her art, and that's why she is making waves in the art world.

Anastasia is truly the last of the Great Maestros, responsible for bringing the circle back to classical art. Her talent brings to mind two names: Leonardo and Michelangelo. But, for the new millennium, Anastasia is the one and only "Monster of Art."