Warren Henry Automobiles Debuts
Limited Edition "Anastasia Jaguar XJ8"

Anastasia and Warren HenryIn light of today's penchant for collectibles, Warren Henry Jaguar is giving automobile aficionados something to dream about the limited edition Anastasia Jaguar XIS. This one-of-a-kind luxury sedan has been custom designed by Anastasia the Great. Along with the limited-edition cars, she has also designed an all-new line of Jaguar accessories and jewelry. Amid the flashing cameras and buzzing of TV mini-cams, Warren Henry Zinn, president of Warren Henry Jaguar, assisted Anastasia in unveiling the first of 10 cars she will Individu-ally design in 1999, with 20 more slated for 2000. That means only 30 people in the world will bate the exclusive pleasure of owning this classic collectible. The Anastasia Jaguar XJ8 just unveiled features $40,000 worth of interior and exterior detailing of 24-katat gold and bronze set off by gemstones. The interior also boasts the hand painted image of a jaguar on the dashboard while a golden sculpture of a Jaguar adorns the gearshift. The car retails for $110 630.

Anastasia studied architecture, painting and sculpture at Russia's well-known Academy of Art. Consumed by the romantic tradition of the Renaissance she moved to Italy where she developed her 'New Renaissance Style', inspired by the great masters of the 13th to 15th centuries.

Today, Anastasia maintains studios in Milan, Rome, Munich and Miami Beach. She has produced critically acclaimed works of art for clients that include the Vatican and the royal family of Jordan. For the latter she painted a portrait of King Hussein encrusted with gold and diamonds that was prettied to the late monarch on his 61st birthday. She was commissioned by Sylvester Stallone to paint a portrait of his wife and child. This portrait is encrusted noted with diamonds, emeralds and gold.