Artist Anastasia The Great
Brings Old-world Elegance to Miami's Art World

Her canvases convey a world centuries past, their rich gilded frames containing icons and images culled from renaissance masters and medieval tableaux. Anastasia, designer, artist, and sculptor, paints from her balcony overlooking Biscayne Bay, capturing elusive images for clients such as Norwegian Cruise Lines CEO Geir Aune, Sylvester Stallone, and King Hussein of Jordan. Italian-born Anastasia a former model and club owner in Italy, studied classic methods of painting using egg tempera and other time-intensive techniques to create her modern masterpieces. A fixture on the local club scene, she's been inspired by the energy of Miami and Miami Beach to work on two of her ambitious projects: limited-edition Anastasia Edition Jaguar automobiles and a proposed 180-foot bronze statue and fountain in Biscayne Bay